Friday, July 11, 2008

Kingdom of Loathing

I would just like to preface with the fact that MMOGs don't appeal to me at all. Personally, I don't see what the fuss is about and what their appeal is and I just don't find them interesting. So I decided to stay away from World of Warcraft and Second Life, and wanted to give Kingdom of Loathing a shot. Suprisingly, I found it fun.

I started out by creating a character (dubbed Tom Cruise) and picked the character of a Disco Bandit. When I started the game, I spent about a half hour interacting with the Toot Oriole, which was my first introduction to the humor and sarcasm in the game. Liking sarcasm, this hooked me into the game a little bit. I did some tasks for the Toot Oriole such as buying gum on a stick to fish for a worthless trinket, killing bunnies for meat, repairing his favorite action figure, and going to get a golden twig from a hermit. After completing the tutorial, I was left to explore a little bit on my own. I went to the nearby plains and into Cobb's Knob where I fought a Knob Goblin BBQ team, got medicine for a guard who stubbed his toe, and taught a kid about vandalism and petty theft.

Overall, I had a better than expected time playing this game. The wit and mostly text-based really intrigued me and this is a game that I would definitely consider playing if I wanted something to do. However, I still refuse and will never play World of Warcraft.

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