Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lots of Moxie have I

For this weeks hands on assignment, I entered the world of Kingdom of Loathing as Buddy-Lee, the Disco Bandit. Right off the bat I felt a little lost, as little informmation was provided about the different character classes. After a little thought I managed to map the short descriptions given onto my pre-existing schema of characters for this style of game (WoW, D&D) and began to feel much more at home. After creating my character, a much more simplified experience than experienced in similar games, I proceeded through the "tutorial" sections provided by the bird on top of the mountain. I quickly began to try to "game" the system. As I knew that I would only be playing for a short time, I repeated the first "quest" over 80 times, racking up extreme levels of the different drops (still a little unsure what these will do). Following this I proceeded onto the next quest and slayed the horribly vicious bunnies (see, Tim the Enchanter was right).
All things considered I enjoyed my time in the KoL. The stripped down user interface did present some problems (I had issues returning to the main screen after entering the inventory, skills, etc.) but the sarcasm and overall style presented a truly enjoyable experience. I never made it out of the training area, which I beleive to be the reason why I was working/playing in isolation, but hope to soon. I wouldn't recommend this game to people who have never played a MMO or RPG before, but for fans of the genres it is a wonderfully loving and insightful spoof.

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