Monday, July 7, 2008

Mifflin St. Branch

Stopping by the public library was an interesting experience. I didn't know what I'd be finding there. I was reminded about when I was in middle school, and I would always try to find my way to the computer in the library to play the games that were available. There really weren't many, and they were all educational games, but I sure did manage to waste a lot of time doing it anyway, because it was an excuse to not be doing other things.

The public library branch on Mifflin Street was an interesting experience. There were a few rows of games, and far more than I expected. The games were largely educational, it seemed, with a few things that were clearly 'after my time' ("The Magic Schoolbus"?), and also a surprising amount, to me at least, of branded projects. A few Barbie titles, but also a TON of Star Wars titles. This was maybe the biggest surprise. It seemed like it was a pretty clear split between Mac and PC.

They were kinda messy. It looked like the games might have been, at one point, in alphabetical order, but it had fallen out of order at some point. I imagined that there were some small number of kids that were hitting it up, going through, checking out as often as possible, but overall largely ignored by the majority of the people that go up to the kid's section.

Overall, it was definitely a surprising, interesting experience.

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