Friday, July 11, 2008

Second Life

My experience with second life is the first time I have ever explored a virtual world. Seeing the way people interact and roam about these worlds was totally alien to me. The closest experience I’ve had prior to this would probably be Final Fantasy, but the characters in that game are only programmed. It is also funny to see how the materialistic world also enters into these games. Especially interesting to me is the idea that you can actually buy cyber real estate and create your own estate in the virtual world. Why this appeals to people I’m not sure. The part that involved roaming virtual worlds makes sense to me and communicating with other avatars, but buying virtual real estate just seems a little ridiculous. My avatar I choose to use, as you all saw, was a blue dragon. Although I did some modding, I think the blue dragon still exists. I don’t think I’d ever really enjoy playing as my true self in such a game--Probably because it would not feel real to me. In either case, I like to keep my person to people that actually are agents in my life—at least in actual reality. I am glad to finally see the world I have been completely uninvolved with but understand the attraction and value of such games.

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