Monday, July 7, 2008

Union South Arcade/Games Room

Instead of going to a local library I chose to go to an arcade instead. I went over to Union South because last year when I was in the Intramural Bowling League I noticed they had a good amount of arcade games. Going over there this morning I was definitely surprised by the amount of machines they had: 13. Also, which I had not been aware of before, was the fact that each machine had a rating on it. There were a total of three ratings:

Green Sticker(GS): Suitable for all ages
Yellow Sticker(YS): Life like violence mild
Red Sticker(RS): Life like violence strong

The game machines at Union South consisted of:
Ms. Pac Man GS
Tekken 3 RS
Die Hard YS
Time Crisis II RS
Monopoly Pinball GS
Crisis Zone RS
Trophy Hunter (rating N/A)
Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova GS
2005 Golden Tee GS
Police Trainer GS
Gauntlet Dark Legacy YS
Silent Scope RS
Emergency Call Ambulance YS

From these results we can see that five games had a green sticker rating, three games had a yellow sticker rating, and four games had the red sticking rating. So our union has done a well job of maintaining game machines for everyone and supplying a diverse amount of games within each rating category. It is good to see that the Union, while mostly occupied by people with ages 18+, is still concerned for any young goers that may happen to be bowling there or what not. It was especially nice to see that they still had some taste for the retro games even though they only had one: Ms. Pac Man. Unfortunately Memrial Union got ride of its game room, but it would have been nice to see how they would have compared.

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Adrian said...

Man, I used to waste SO much time down there. I'm kinda sad that of the games that they have, I'd ONLY want to play Ms. Pac Man (and maybe Tekken 3, if I was in a crunch).