Friday, June 20, 2008

For those of us frustrated with MAME

Here are some free Internet games...the "50 best on the internet" in fact...just in time for the weekend. I would suggest bookmarking this page if you are interested, or if you have a lot of time to kill.

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Marlon Heimerl said...

Hands On MAME Assignment – Marlon H.
For my MAME experience I left feeling a little maimed myself: by the beast of technology and my own befuddled nature when it comes to dealing with such creatures. I even had to go to the library because I learned that my computer hadn’t the power to cage such a beast as MAME. I just sat there watching blinking and exploding pixels that reminded me of Poprocks© before packing up and heading to the library for a better machine. And so here I am.
I ended up using the 2600 MAME herself, god bless her, and was also able to play Pong and Metal Slug-Super Vehicle, having found them on a ROM search engine at . Pong was interesting but reminded me once more of my misgivings in terms of basic coordination and motor skills. The computer made a fool out of me and I plan on painfully rebooting it after this by holding down the power button as a show of revenge!
The graphics in Metal Slug-Super Vehicle greatly exceeded my expectations and I greatly enjoyed the Rambo-esque landscapes that I blew myself threw for a good 15 minutes. The games, however, weren’t the only key to this experience in my opinion, as the portion of the exercise that I found the most fulfilling and gratifying was getting MAME to work before five o’clock and realizing my own resourcefulness on the internet, even though I am by no means tech savvy.
What I took away from this hands-on assignment is that I look forward to this class as an opportunity for developing my ability to refine my tech vocabulary and to refine my web searching capabilities. Indeed, we live in a world post Moore’s Law— that every two years the number of gadgets that can be placed on an integrated circuit is exponentially enhanced whereas chip size exponentially shrinks. Just based on the fact that we can break the games down to a few moments of downloading if turned in the right direction is actually quite remarkable.