Friday, June 27, 2008

Sharendipity Issues

SO, I had a fun and convoluted adventure with Sharendipity. I hoped that it would be an easy process, despite having messed up my hand late on Thursday, thinking I would need to only do a minimum of typing. Sadly (though for the wrong reasons), I was right...

To begin with, in general project terms, I'm a hater, in general of applications on Facebook. They just drive me crazy. I hate to use them. I have two on my profile, one (Scrabulous) because I got hooked before the whole system went superflue with them, and the other (Courses 2.0) to mimic a feature that they removed from Facebook. I went to the facebook link for Sharendipity, and it asked me to give it my information and other such frustrating stuff, so I just said no, like I always do. I just hated the idea of adding another app. From there, it was a trip to the Sharendipity main page.

Upon arrival, I saw that there, front and center, was an Asteroids "applet" to be played. I was pretty excited about this, and so I clicked on it, loading up the Java application (which looks EXACTLY the same as the initial Facebook screen), and telling my browser that I trusted the provider of it. Soon thereafter, star and a dialog box pop up on my screen, but in a bizarre location, blocking other data. I can't click on the dialog box. I can't even close the window. Eventually, I use the toolbar and close it from there, trying again.

Same problem. Again, a box of sorts opens up, in some sort of twillight between 'in front of' and 'behind' the windows that are in that area. I notice some words at the bottom of the window, but I can't catch enough of them before they are gone. Eventually, redoing the same process twice more, I'm able to collect what the words say: "Frame rate has fallen below the minimum rate for application".

I try another application ("Bloomshine") and have the exact same problem, sans starry sky screen. Again, it totally mucks up my desktop outside of the proper window, and opens up a dialog inviting my to Alpha Sharendipity, but doesn't let me select it. This time, my Firefox crashes. Ugh. As someone who truly hates putting applications on my Facebook, and is generally against "being viral" on Facebook (I HATE it when people invite me to apps), I just found the whole exercise frustrating.

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