Friday, June 27, 2008

Sharendipity Hands On Assignment: Big Ten Conference Asteroids

After seeing Greg Tracy's presentation in class, I knew it would be very difficult to create a game from scratch, but I tried nonetheless. Although my effort proved to be unsuccessful, I gained an appreciation of those who do spend hours of time working on these games and perfecting every little detail to perfect their games.

Even though creating your own games from scratch is very time-consuming, the nice thing about Sharendipity was that I was able to take someone else's game and make it my own. I didn't have to spend tedious hours creating every single aspect of my game from scratch, I could use what others have already created in the Sharendipity community. I decided to borrow an Asteroids game and put my own personal twist on it. Being a big Badger fan and after seeing Greg's gravity Big Ten game, I thought it would be cool to have a Big Ten Asteroids game. So I went on Sharendipity in search of an already created Asteroids game in which I could edit to make my own. After finding one, I went online and found images of all the Big Ten mascots and used them as my asteroids and ships. Of course, I used Bucky as the rocket ship to blast the other mascots. Switching the components in the game (ex. the rocket ship to a Bucky logo) was very simple, which was nice. Finally, my game was complete.

Unfortunately, borrowing other's games and using them leads to everything not being exactly the way you want it to play. For example, Bucky doesn't shoot lasers from the top, he shoots them from the left side I believe, which is inconvenient. So there are definitely draw backs in personalizing other's games, but it is awesome if you just want to create a simple game in a hurry for others to enjoy.

The game isn't the best by any means, but hopefully you all get a chance to play it a little and enjoy it (whether it be having fun or making fun of it). Here's the link:


Eric M said...

Oops, forgot to add something. I hope this is only my computer at the moment, but the game runs really slow for me and the controls aren't immediately responsive. Hopefully, it works better for everyone else.

Sarah. R. said...

Good job. It totally worked for me and I played it for quite some time until my Bucky got nailed and exploded.