Thursday, June 26, 2008


At first I was really excited to try out some games the users created and explore the limits of what people have discovered. Unfortunately, I encountered two things that prevented me from doing this. First, my web browser was missing a necessary application to use this program or it was that this certain application wasn’t enabled. After ten minutes or so of screwing around with my web browser I finally got it working. So, I decided to try out some games. To my dismay, the controls just weren’t responding. I told the ship to go right…it didn’t’ go right; instead it got pounded by rocks until I died every time. I tried out a couple of other games and the same problems occurred. I don’t know if this is computer specific--I hope it isn’t cause then this company is going nowhere. But, I’m sure it is just me.

As for editing I was able to mess around with that a little. I tried to keep things simple and mostly tweaked the images in the game and once I messed with the force applied to an object. It was fun being able to manipulate and personalize certain games, but I could not play them. It looked good, but the aesthetic value is meaningless without game play. Once again it probably is just my computer, but it’s all I have at the moment. When I got back to Madison I will try it out on some other computers and hopefully the games will start responding to the controls listed in the instructions.

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Greg Tracy said...

I'd really like to hear more about your keyboard problems. We've heard of a couple of incidents like this.

Also, one small change was made to a game called "Top (space) Gun" to learn more about this issue. I'm curious if you play that game whether or not the keyboard works correctly.