Friday, June 27, 2008

Nightmare on Share Street - Sharendipity- Marlon
Never has a link looked so sweet! This hand’s on assignment was one of the most gut-wrenching, difficult and frustrating experiences I’ve ever partaken in, in terms of the world of technology. With no former programming experience to speak of I found the interface extremely difficult to navigate and found myself time and again needing to go back to start over. Maybe it is the PC I am working on or the internet connection, but things seemed pretty buggy to me as I worked on this project. The screen would seizure from time to time as if the blinking frames had come to a lull before everything would shut down. I found myself gritting my teeth and turning red through much of the experience and would consider myself at least mildly tech savvy, proving, that perhaps, the program could be simplified. This program, in my opinion, is not ready for release to beginners like me, as the interface is so static that I nearly felt powerless in my controls.

The game I made is exceedingly simple and has no sort of scoring method. In fact, most of the objects don’t even explode on contact. Nonetheless, this Game, SuperNova, would make for a good flight simulator for people to learn how to control with the key pad. I started with the idea of creating a Hubble Space Telescope educational game, where one would have to photograph certain systems and stars and identify their place relative to the rest of the Milky Way galaxy. This, however, turned out to be much more difficult than expected, and what you see is what you get.

Just make sure to steer clear of the black holes. They were a nifty pickup for me, I’d argue, making each turn that much more treacherous. Perhaps, someday, when I find the interface and navigation table simpler, I might be able to finish my Hubble Space Telescope game. In the meantime, however, I can only integrate components that others have contributed, identifying the greatest advantage to this computer program—the sharing aspect and the world wide web.
Happy trails space adventurers!

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