Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wherein I Fail...sorta (re: Sharendipity)

I just spent the last little bit goofing about with Sharendipity, too. I attempted to come up with some sort of game or interaction among the objects I created, but I ran into a few stumbling blocks. The first one was that every time I tried to view another webpage in a separate tab from the Sharendipity-in-Facebook app (Firefox 2.x, Mac OS X 10.5.3), the Flash screen featuring Sharendipity blurred out all other content. This means that when I tried to open up the tutorial pages, I couldn't do so while still working in Sharendipity at the same time. This resulted in me twice losing work when I had to close the window.

The real problem, though, is that I realized that I really have no concept for a game. This is what Jasun mentioned in class today - design before you develop! While it's fun to play around with a sandbox/construction set, that is really only going to take me so far. I decided to mess about with the Sharendipity games already out there, and played the flower bloom one. I played it for _ten_minutes before I glanced at the clock again, and probably could have kept going. I'm actually going to give it another spin in a second here.

So while I can't fully endorse Sharendipity as either easy enough or fun enough to grab my attention, I think if I actually had an idea for a cool kind of game that I would actually want to go somewhere with, to have a toolkit at my avail would be excellent. God knows I'm no programmer.

(The thing I did have the idea to make was some sort of bullseye/target shooting game, but not only did I lack in concept, but I think some of my art ideas were also falling well short of the mark. Then I started having operator errors, so to speak, with Sharendipity itself.)

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